Can Humidity Ruin Your Roof

Any residential roofing contractor will tell you that a roof must be well cared for if you want it to serve you well for decades to come. After all, a roof can be damaged in various ways, such as wind, hail, and even poor maintenance. However, out of all these kinds of damage, experts say that there is a cause of damage that you might not know about: humidity.

In this post, KCG Roofing reveals what humidity can do to your roofing system and how you can prevent its effects.

How Humidity Affects a Roof

The one-way humidity can affect a roof is through the moisture it produces. Moisture can easily damage a roof, especially the wood materials that your roof is composed of. This is because moisture gets trapped in your attic or crawl spaces, accumulating condensation that can cause the wood to rot, which can cause plywood roof sheathing to weaken and separate. Additionally, it can also encourage mold growth in your home. Thankfully, you can enlist a local roofing company to put some preventive measures in place on your roof.

How to Prevent Humidity from Affecting Your Roof

The best way to prevent humidity from affecting your roof is by reducing it around your home in the first place. To prevent your home from sustaining too much humidity, make sure to have the necessary repairs completed on time. You can also install dehumidifiers around your home to prevent humidity from causing the moisture that encourages the spread and growth of mold.

While these two are good methods of reducing humidity in your home, ultimately, the best way to reduce humidity is by improving your roof’s ventilation. This is because if your roof’s ventilation is inadequate, the lack of proper air circulation can allow moisture to easily affect your roof and cause water damage to your roof. This makes the right amount of ventilation important for every home’s roofing system.

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