How To Make A Bedroom More Relaxing

If you work from home, chances are that you have been trying to get your home as tolerable as possible to work. One thing to remember s that when it comes to working productively, it usually is a result of healthy eating, exercise and a good night’s sleep. Many of us find it extremely hard to get to sleep and get a good amount of quality sleep.


This could be for many reasons, but if you stay in your bedroom to work, your subconscious mind associates the bedroom with work which turns your brain into work mode. If you haven’t already, find a different room to do your work in. Alongside this, you need a space that encourages relaxation and sleep. It can be difficult to make your room more relaxing, so in this article, we will guide you through it.

Declutter and Organise

First things first, you are never going to get to sleep if you have a cluttered and messy room. So to start, you are going to need to do a huge sort out of your bedroom. Decide what you are going to keep, give to charity or throw away. Clutter plays a huge psychological role and if you have a cluttered and messy room, you are automatically filled with anxiety which is not what you need straight before bed. Instead, you need a bare and minimalistic room.


If you don’t know what to do with an item, ask yourself when was the last time you used it and also does it go with the aesthetic of the room? If not, give it to charity. Once decluttered, give the whole room a thorough dusting and cleaning so you can neatly put away the things you’re keeping.

Give The Room A Lick Of Paint

There are many ways you can do this, if you didn’t want a full project, simply touch up those white walls, skirting board and doorframe to add a fresh look. Alternatively, if you wanted to give the room a new feel, then you could paint the whole room a different colour. This can seriously impact a room so it is best to see what colours you want. For the bedroom, you should be looking at relaxing colours such as blues, greens and neutral colours. By painting your room you can add new textures, layers and colours into the room.

Change The Lighting Situation

Lighting is certainly a mood setter and a range of different lighting techniques in the room can create a relaxing space to go relax and sleep in. for this, you don’t want to be using bright LED lights, instead, you should have warmer lights as well as dim lighting in the form of sconces or table lamps. A freestanding light is also a great touch to add to the room’s aesthetic.

Dress Your Bed

Your bed is what snugs you at night and keeps you all warm, so it is no surprise that dressing your bed in quality materials can impact the way you sleep. If you have painted your room, you can now find a duvet cover set to match the colour of the room. Fitted bed sheets are a must as you don’t want to be sleeping on a bare mattress because the old ones have fallen off in the night. Add some throw pillows and a bed throw to the mix and you have yourself a beautifully dressed bedroom.